About us

The digital transformation of the factories starts with Smart Factory Romania

In the context of full digital transformation of the industry and of the society in which we live, Smart Factory Romania offers the optimal framework for research and innovation, offering partners and all those interested a neutral platform for collaboration between companies and institutions regarding Industry 4.0.

Digitizing production is a strategy for development and adaptation, and long-term planning is more important than ever because it will transform the entire organization, not just the machines, software, or suppliers.

Smart Factory Romania is a non-profit organization from Sibiu, set up in 2020.


Members with valuable experience in research and innovation.

Our Vision

Our goal is to bring the digitalization of production and the training of specialists with adequate skills into all Romanian factories.

Our Mission

The development of research, innovation, consulting activities, as well as the development of teaching, training and entrepreneurship activities in Romania.

Our Strategy

Smart Factory Romania aims to create, develop and implement the vision of Industry 4.0 in a digitized Romanian society.

Industry is changing. Right now.

National ecosystem

Conceived as a national ecosystem, the objective of Smart Factory Romania is to support the capacity of Romanian companies to research, innovate and develop by creating a community of experts. We also focus on intensifying investments in research and innovation, essential actions for the future of industry and production in Romania.

The manufacturing industry faces more and more challenges and requirements: global competition, reducing costs and delivery times, error and loss rate, improving production, but especially upgrading to implement the Industry 4.0 concept.

Participants in various research, development and innovation projects, the expertise of Smart Factory Romania members covers a wide range of know-how, from defining the vision of a system, product or service to its development as an industrial implementation in production.

The future of factories

What is Industry 4.0?

For Smart Factory Romania, the future is represented by a closer collaboration between man and artificial machines or systems for optimizing factory processes. This is only possible by digitizing production and training specialists with skills appropriate for future production.

The concept, first promoted in Germany, refers to the fourth industrial revolution, namely the factories that adopted digital transformation, so that equipments can communicate with each other, but also with people, through the internet. These new technologies include networks, 3D printers, IoT platforms, Big Data, robots, sensors, augmented reality (AR), portable devices, cloud computing, etc. At the heart of this revolution is automated communication, with the same semantics for all participants in the interaction, to make the best decisions in a timely manner.

Digitization of production is a strategy for development and adaptation, and long-term planning is more important than ever because the entire organization will be transformed, not just machines, software or suppliers.


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