Test before invest

Service Benefits –
technology user
Benefits –
technology provider
Renting equipment and access to Living-Lab Becoming acquainted with the latest automation devices, human-machine interaction or prototyping. Use for prototypes without spending on their acquisition.
Prototyping Prototyping (mechatronics, software) from the idea to the first implementation for preliminary impact assessment. Access to living-lab / use-cases relevant for production.
Digitization level identification / diagnosis Identifying the digitization level and ways of improving efficiency. Access to potential customers, participating in the evaluation and development of evaluation tools.
Industrial process automation Finding partners and solutions to production problems. Access to customers with process automation needs.
Advanced methods of interaction with the user Access to prototype systems which can serve as inspiration in the implementation of production optimizations.
Advanced Artificial Intelligence Methods Access to scientific results on the performance of AI algorithms.
Providing information on technological innovations or white papers relevant to Smart Factory
Technical system testing Access to human resources for testing.
Offering consultancy on SW embedded development and testing Opportunities for technical level consultancy and collaboration with potential customers who need SW embedded development and testing.

Performed services


Testing a training station for manual operations in industrial environment

ULBS (Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu), together with ifm effector, has evaluated the impact of a prototype training station with over 200 people in production, aiming to improve system usability.


Developing a multi-agent system for a prototype production system

Ropardo has implemented a multi-agent system for optimal planning of customer order execution in a prototype production system, part of ULBS (Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu), infrastructure.

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