Become a partner/sponsor in the Association's projects

If your organization wants to support the Smart Factory Romania Association in a specific research project, why not become our partner?

What exactly is a partner/sponsor?

The contributor/sponsor partner category was created with the aim of opening the Smart Factory Romania Association to a wide range of interested parties in the field of research, development, and implementation of the various projects or programs in which we are involved, without becoming a full member. As the name suggests, Contributing Partners invest their own resources (which can be researchers’ time, laboratories, and data) or money into a particular project or the Association’s programs.

Who can become a contributing partner?

Any legal entity, organization, or the person who wishes to contribute to the objectives of the Association can apply to become a contributing partner.

What are the benefits of being a contributing partner?

Becoming a contributing partner to the Association’s projects is a great way to expand your resources and especially by testing and sharing risks.

  • Networking: As a contributing partner in an Association project/program, you will be part of our innovative ecosystem. In addition, you benefit from the most valuable networking opportunities in the field of research.
  • Access to innovation: as a project/program partner alongside the Smart Factory Romania Association, you will have quick access to a group of engineers, scientists, and researchers who will help you develop your innovation trajectory. You will also actively participate in research, development, and innovation projects, and your access to the results of our research projects will be prioritized.

How can you become a contributing partner?

  • Sponsor a specific event, program, or project
    You can become a sponsor for one of our upcoming events, choosing to focus your donation on the next project or support a specific program.
  • Sponsor with a monthly, annual, or one-time donation
    You can set up a monthly or annual donation, as well as a one-time donation.
  • Direct the 2% of your income tax
    Direct 2% of the tax you pay to the state to finance the association’s programs, by completing form 230 and submitting it to ANAF.

If you’re thinking about becoming a Contributing Partner, we encourage you to drop us a line to discuss in more detail how it all works and how we can work with the organization you represent.

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