Investing in research and innovation means investing in a sustainable and inclusive future


Mentoring, practice, contests, student trainings


Writing projects, accessing funds, technology transfer, digital maturity assessments

Research program

Investing in research, innovation and development means investing in a sustainable and inclusive future.

Topics of the projects

  • Development of new production technologies
  • Testing and validation of new technologies
  • Development of new products/services

Beneficiaries benefits

  • Involvement in national research projects and
  • Project implementation assistance (administrative and technical)
  • The flexibility of hourly rates (public organizations)

Types of projects

  • Common themes / technologies
  • Test infrastructure
  • FabLab – near future

Services performed in the research program

Test before invest

Training station testing for manual operations in an industrial environment

ULBS together with ifm efector evaluated the impact of a prototype training station, aiming to improve the usability of the system.

  • Assisted assembly – evaluation of usability and system performance
  • Free assembly – training and evaluating prediction algorithms
  • 200+ production line participants

Education program

Mentoring, practice, contests, student trainings

Topics of the projects

  • Practice
  • Student competitions & contests
  • Mentoring bachelor’s/master’s theses
  • Training, vocational retraining for students/specialists

Beneficiaries benefits

  • Incorporating themes relevant to each organization in the association’s projects
  • Access to students (competitions)
  • Visibility of involvement in the development of the community of specialists

Funding sources

  • Association funds
  • Association member funds
  • Competitions or mentoring
  • Education and Employment Operational Program

Activities and services performed in the education program


Competitive event: build an autonomous weather station and win exciting prizes

The 12 teams entered the contest organized by the Association designed and implemented an autonomous weather station. The competition was addressed to students, regardless of the year of study, passionate about electronics, robotics, automation, and marketing, regardless of the specialization they follow.

Training and skills

Impact of automated training station adoption

Experiment within the DiFiCil project, the results of which were exemplified in an undergraduate thesis.

  • Mentoring and support for Maria, the student who conducted the experiment
  • Testing opportunities within a manufacturing company
  • Assembly mode video

Assistance program

Writing projects, accessing funds, technology transfer, digital maturity assessments

Topics of the projects

  • Assessing digital maturity
  • Assistance in accessing funds
  • Testing and validating new products/services
  • Writing projects/finding consultants
  • Technological transfer

Beneficiaries benefits

  • Access to European networks of technology providers and users

Types of projects

  • Assisting SMEs in technology adoption

Services performed in the assistance program

Ecosystem consolidation

Digital maturity assessment

The Futures of Innovation Technologies European Digital Innovation Hub (FIT EDIH) project aims to increase the level of digital maturity of SMEs and public administrations.

  • Program duration: 2023-2025
  • Program Mission: accelerated progress towards digitization and the adoption of emerging technologies, serving both legacy companies and start-ups alike.

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